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A Washington Family Weekend

November 18, 2006

I am in Washington, D.C., this weekend to attend the wedding of a niece, and share the joy of a family whose youngest generation is now doing things like getting married. Like many American families, we are scattered across the churchly plain. My parents and I are Orthodox. I have a brother whose family is Episcopalian (including the niece getting married). I have another brother who is Catholic. Sometimes our discussions are friendly, sometimes we fight like brothers.

But like most families we will look on the joy of a young woman and a young man and pray that their journey will be clear for them and the road to the Kingdom of God not too steep. Mostly we’ll pray that they ever keep to that road.

My earliest journeys to a Church were down a railroad track, holding the hand of an older brother, who led me to the nearby Baptist Church. The same brother later led me to Anglicanism (as a teenager).

I think of the many kindnesses he gave to me and pray that on this day, the good Lord will take his hand and lead him to where he would have him be and make his road one of peace. I ask that of all my family and ask that you kind friends, readers of this little blog, remember Allison and Preston on the day of their marriage.

Fr. Stephen