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A Prayer for a Church Building

November 26, 2006


My weekend is spent in and around a Church building (as is most of the rest of the week). We do not care for these great gifts nearly as we ought, nor do they play the role in our culture that the Orthodox faith teaches. It is an area where we can pray for great growth. I have spent time worshipping in a warehouse (when St. Anne’s was just beginning) and in rented commercial space – both of which became the throne of heaven as we gathered for prayer. I am yet more grateful for the building we now own, and for the building we hope to build. But in them all the following prayer is of great use. I found it in Father Sophrony’s little book on prayer:

O Lord our God, whose might upholdeth all creation: Stablish the work of our helpless hands; And make this lowly church a place for the showing of Thy glory; and for all peoples a house of prayer pleasing in Thy sight. We pray Thee: Hear us and have mercy.