From a Monastery in the Deep South


I am leading a retreat with young teens this week. All prayers are welcome. This is my evening break time to read comments and relax a moment. My thanks to my wife for checking on comments during the day and clearing the spam.

The joy is to be with youth and to here their voices lifted to God. This has been an almost annual event for me since 1999. I have much joy in being here again. Tomorrow I float down a river in a canoe and pray to return undrowned.

I pray God’s blessing on your day, and look forward to coming home and taking up my duties there. Also pray for the good nuns who take care of us here and generously make this event possible. Monastic life in the heat of the South is its own struggle. May it be for salvation!

2 Responses to “From a Monastery in the Deep South”

  1. Justin Says:

    Sounds like a hoot, Fr. Stephen! I pray for safety.

  2. Mark D. Moore Says:

    May God bless all your work with the youth there. I’m certain they will have fond memories of the retreat which will help carry them through various times of need in their lives.

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