Music and Scenes from the “Desert”

One of the better known monasteries in Russian history is the Valaam monastery. Taken over by government authorities during the time of the Communists and used for other purposes, it has been returned today to the Church and is growing into a full-functioning, thriving monastery, one of the “deserts” where spiritual warfare on behalf of the world is unceasing. The music is a development of the “Valaam Chant” that has its own ancient roots in the Church. The monks have made numerous recordings in support of their work. May God aid their prayers.

3 Responses to “Music and Scenes from the “Desert””

  1. Do You have a Spare 6min59sec? Go Here! « Abide and Endeavor Says:

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  2. handmaidmaryleah Says:

    Here is the link to the Valaam Monastery’s official website
    Make sure that you check out the photo section; the Light of Valaam exhibition is wonderful!
    with prayers,

  3. One moment of perfect beauty - Valaam Monastery Chorus at Live the Trinity Says:

    […] From Saint Matthew the Apostle Orthodox Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Fr Freeman Stephen at Glory to God for All Things. […]

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