Writing Plans – Zizioulas Made Plain


I hope to spend some time next week “unpacking” (as they say) some of Met. John Zizioulas’ theology. It is very helpful in understanding the true nature of the Church. This weekend I am in Clarksville, TN, near Fort Campbell, to explore the possibilities of a new mission. I would much appreciate your prayers. It’s hard to be away from my home parish – even for two days, but especially on Sundays – and this will be the case for 2 Sundays to come.

For what it’s worth – Ancient Faith Radio – will be offering a weekly podcast from me, mostly based on this Blog, starting on October 20. Go to their website for more information. If you enjoy the blog, perhaps you’ll enjoy the podcasts. If you do not enjoy it then you can download it for a listen and consider it a podvig. 🙂 In seriousness, for whatever use it may be to Christ’s Holy Church, I pray God will bless this effort. It was someone else’s idea and invitation which gives me some courage.

Glory to God!

6 Responses to “Writing Plans – Zizioulas Made Plain”

  1. kevinburt Says:


    Prayers are with you for your travels. You are in our neck of the woods; my family and I live in Bowling Green, KY, a little more than an hour northeast of Clarksville.

    Is it possible to email you? Perhaps I’ve missed your email on your site. I’d like to ask you a question about something in private. Thanks.

    in Christ,
    Kevin B.

  2. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    (Kevin, My son lives just 6 miles from Clarksville!)

    May the Lord of the Harvest plant this new mission and may it in turn sow seeds wide and far.

  3. namiknom Says:

    Absolutely wonderful news about the upcoming podcast. Ever since your Pontification posts, I’ve been an appreciative, though hitherto silent, beneficiary of your words. God bless you for those words, and for all those yet to come.

  4. Anastasia Theodoridis Says:

    It’s a very good idea someone had about those podcasts! May God bring much fruit of them, as from your blog.


  5. Pam Phillips Says:

    Dear Fr. Stephen,

    I just listened to your podcast where you speak of the importance — in fact, *necessity* of venerating icons in order to be able to “see” them! Now that you have pointed it out, I *see* it and how obvious — but I never *saw* it before. (I am in inquirer into Orthodoxy from the Anglican tradition). I am hoping that that teaching is available somewhere in written form that I could access. Could you let me know if it is? I would like to quote it on my blog at http://orthodoxnac.org/mindchanging as a preparation of heart for our upcoming podcast on the icon of the Nativity, which will probably happen on the 21st or 22nd. I will, of course, credit you and send folks to your blog and podcast as well.

    Thanks in advance and Glory to God for your gifts of writing and speaking.

    In Christ,


  6. fatherstephen Says:


    It could possibly be found in written form in Ouspensky’s volumes on icons. It is in written form in my unpublished thesis at Duke, 1991. And it is in written form in the Christianity as a One-Storey Universe series on this blog. (look on the sidebar under the Pages series and you’ll see that I’m gradually collecting the one-storey articles together. I think all but this weekends are there.

    I’m not certain if anyone else said it as blatantly as I have. I think my statements were an inferred development of all that I read in preparation for my thesis, if memory serves me (which it rarely does anymore). Glad you enjoyed the podcast!

    Pam, the text for that Podcast is largely drawn from here. I hope it is of use.

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