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Another Milestone – with Thanks

November 16, 2007


Sometime tomorrow (here in Tennessee) or this evening (if something unusual happens) Glory to God for All Things will reach another milestone in its young life. We will cross 400,000 “views” since the blog’s debut in October last year. Readership has continued to grow (slowly but steadily) which is encouraging. In general, I think we’ve managed to maintain kindness within the posts and comments, even if both occasionally speak quite frankly.

My thanks to so many readers and commenters. The since of community that I have when I write is always present – as well as my prayers for all of you. That Glory to God for All Things finds itself with links in other nations, even translated occasionally, is very gratifying. It makes you think more than twice before clicking on the “publish” button.

Again my many thanks to all of you for your reading and my request for your prayers as I write. May the good God Who loves mankind bless all of you!