A Poem


Come, Lord Jesus, and enter these spaces profaned and yet made holy,

Come and abide in us and quicken us with the Light of Thy Presence.

Amen. Amen. Amen. Bread and Cup and the Hidden God made manifest,

Given to the Hidden Bride manifested only as the hidden faith of broken hearts.

“In the fear of God and with faith and love draw near,” the voice of God inviting yet again.

To what will we draw near? To habit or to yet another queue, or to the joyful expectation

Of the saints who wait for Thee.

Feed me, O Blessed Cup, and burn away what cannot be fed.

Drive away the darkness that will not see the Light.

Break the hardened madness of a hollow, broken man,

And fill him, with the Ageless Life that washes away all stain.

Come, Lord Jesus.

3 Responses to “A Poem”

  1. Ole Rocker Says:

    Is that ABp. Dmitri in that photo? I haven’t seen him in several years. How is his health?

  2. fatherstephen Says:

    It is Bishop Benjamin of the West. Abp. Dmitri, though aging gracefully, is well.

  3. AR Says:

    Longing and the struggle to see and posess what is offered… This takes shape with each new reading. Is it yours, Fr. Stephen?

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