Travel Prayers

I am driving through rain today (just over past Nashville – 3 hours or so away). But I’m not fond of rain. If you think of me over the day (there and back) offer a prayer for safety. It’ll be good to get back home, and out of the wet. Glory to God for all things!

10 Responses to “Travel Prayers”

  1. Hartmut Says:

    I will pray for you. Rain and driving – I don’t like that either.

  2. Dwight Says:

    Father, I hope you did not type those words, “I am driving through rain today,” while actually driving! That would make me very nervous on your behalf. Assuming you meant the future tense in the progressive, I’ll say itinerarium for you from here in Minnesota.


  3. Kealani Alexandra Says:

    Be assured of my prayers for you. Please forgive me if I add that since I live in an arctic desert and have not felt rain for long months, I’m coveting your rain just a bit even though I am grateful for the mild temps and snow I’m having.
    Yes, I would like to drive in your rain with the windows down and get very wet and smell the water.

  4. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    May angels attend you!

  5. Fr John Bostwick Says:

    Ah, “traveling mercies” for you, Father. While I rarely comment, I do appreciate your writing and recommend to others. I hope both the travel and whatever it is that takes you on the road goes well.
    Fr John

  6. artisticmisfit Says:

    I will pray for you, it is raining here too.

  7. fatherstephen Says:

    Many thanks for the prayers. About 450 miles with rain and a successful trip home again. God is good.

  8. Mark D. Moore Says:

    You must really not like driving in the rain.

    Yours is one of less than a handful of RSS feeds that I subscribe to and read regularly. I also recommend it to my friends at St Anselm’s monastery (Benedictine). The quote from Philo was really good. I passed it along with the link to your posting. Thank you.

  9. Hartmut Says:

    Good to hear you arrived savely at home.

  10. David Says:

    I finally found something I strongly disagree with Fr Stephen about. I love driving in the rain. I’m going to have to tell my wife.

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