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A Minor Note

January 16, 2008


While the world was turning and other matters of import taking place, Glory to God for All Things, crossed a half-million views today. Thanks for reading – I hope to make it worth your trouble. I simply appreciate the opportunity to think a bit and write. Blessings to all of you and a good evening. East Tennessee has had a rumor of a winter storm (which means we will likely see nothing of the sort). They tell us these things to sell bread and milk. Other Southerners will know what I mean…

Iconoclasm and Ignorance

January 16, 2008


My expectations for intelligent discussion on television is close to nil. An example, on the subject of icons and statues, can be found on Handmaid Leah’s site. If you want to see the subject handled badly on television take a look. I promise a posting on the doctrine of the holy icons in the near future. My thanks to Leah for her posting this small video. We need to speak in some fashion to these sorts of distortions. I’ll not be surprised if they call us cannibals next week for eating the Body and Blood of Christ.