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In the Presence of God – Elder Sophrony

February 6, 2008


Do not let the things of this world disperse your energy. Concentrate all your attention on, devote all your energy to, a life which coresponds to the spirit of the Gospel commandments.Let us keep control over our mind in the face of the distractions of the exterior world. Without ascetic effort, our mind will never be able to remain constantly in God. It is from now, in this life, that we must learn to dwell in God, just as our spirit will dwell in God after our death.

When I speak of having God in our mind, it does not mean that we see God, but that God sees us. This is the right attitude: we act in the presence of God, knowing tht He is looking at us.

Elder Sophrony in Words of Life

I am particularly struck by the final admonition quoted above – to remember that having God in our mind is not so much the feeble effort of our mind, but the remembrance that all we do, we do in the presence of God. He is so great, and I am so small, but I can remember that He is throughout my day. And remembering that, my day is never the same – it is transformed.

Today I did not do all that I should (already) in the presence of God. Today I failed to love as I should in the presence of God. Today I was weak and frequently useless in the presence of God. But I am in the presence of God. And there all of my failings and weakness will find healing and will not drive me away from Him as I cry, “Have mercy!”