From the teachings of St. Silouan:

The man who likes to have his own way will never know peace.

8 Responses to “Peace”

  1. handmaid Says:

    “Pride=solitude=hell’s darkness. Pride, hence ambition, hence partiality, incapacity for self-estimation; hence stupidity.
    The proud man is stupid in his judgments, even if he is by nature born with the mind of a genius. And vice versa: the humble man is wise, even if he is “not clever”; the essence of wisdom – the sense of Truth and humility concerning it – is accessible to him.”
    ~Fr Yelchaninov

  2. Fr. Justin Says:

    FYI, I voted for your site.

    Christ is Risen!

  3. Joseph Says:

    FYI: Voting has started in the Eastern Christian Blog Awards:

  4. Ezekiel Says:

    How true!

    How true of me!

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me!

  5. T Says:

    I love that man.

  6. antiphonsgarden Says:

    what about clergys who wants it “their own way?”?

  7. fatherstephen Says:


    I’m sure we’re as liable to sin as anyone else. If, however, you are talking about the responsibility of leadership – a priest cannot shirk that either. I would add, a congregation that always wants their own way will never know peace.

    But, the bottom line, I don’t think it is appropriate to ask the question of anyone but yourself. “What would you have this man do?” when speaking of someone else, brought a rebuke from Christ to St. Peter, at the end of John’s gospel.

  8. T Says:

    Amen, Fr. Stephen! May we all ask this question of ourselves!

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