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The Soul In Prayer

July 17, 2008

Vast numbers of people with no experience of the beneficial action of prayer do not know that a world of indescribably magnitude is disclosed to the spirit of man through prayer. Prayer unfolds both the dark depths of hell and the luminous heavenly spheres. Without faith in the resurrection almost all suffering is without meaning, pointless. It may subdue the obstinate soul but does not rid the soul of passion. suffering gradually destroys the body, the heart and the mind, without perfecting them in the knowledge of God. but when the Light of Supreme Being approaches the soul, all is changed: earthly passions die away and the spirit rises to contempation of the Eternal. The man endowed with this blessing regards worldly status, whether social, material or even cultural, as a sort of temporary ‘extra’, and does not worry about a career. And if he persists in his humble opinion of himself, the more knowledge will he be given of the mysteries of the world to come.

Father Sophrony in We Shall See Him As He Is