A Momentary Lull

I ask patience of readers for my lack of activity for the last 2 days. I am recovering from a virus and hope to be well enough for work by tomorrow. Your prayers are appreciated.

A good feast to all (Transfiguration). What a blessed event as Peter, James and John saw the manifestation of the marriage of heaven and earth in its most splendid form! May God grant us all eyes to see!

9 Responses to “A Momentary Lull”

  1. mic Says:

    Blessed feast to you as well Fr.

    Get well soon!


  2. Justin Farr Says:

    “… manifestation of the marriage of heaven and earth…”

    When you feel better, can you elaborate on this part, please?

    Get well soon! πŸ™‚


  3. Fr. James Early Says:

    May the Lord grant you a swift healing!

  4. tyrporter Says:

    Blessed feast!

    I was sorry to hear you have been unwell.

  5. Margaret Says:

    Fr. Stephen, thanks for letting us know! You are a blessing and I pray that you will be richly blessed by God in all things!

  6. Mary Says:

    Blessed Feast!

    Prayers for you recovery!


  7. fatherstephen Says:

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I began to feel the tide had turned this afternoon – thanks be to God. Cohabiting a planet with viruses is not always pleasant. We have got to negotiate a better living arrangement with them. πŸ™‚

  8. Harlemite Says:

    It’s the negotiations with them that always seem bring me down. Okay. Maybe that wasn’t so funny. 😐

    I’m very glad to see you’re doing better Fr. Stephen. πŸ™‚ May you continue to be blessed.

  9. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    Many of my friends have had a stomach virus. I had a touch of it myself. This summer virus is yucky! I’m glad you are feeling better, Father.

    Thank you for being steadfast in your parish ministry and with this inspiring and truthful blog.

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