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I Have Set My Face To Go To Jerusalem

September 2, 2008

This Thursday, my wife and I, two parishioners and their son, will be traveling towards the Holy Land. We make connections on Sunday in Tel Aviv with a group of pilgrims, mostly Orthodox, led by Met. Kallistos Ware. We will spend two weeks in the Holy Land, meet with the Patriarch of Jerusalem, and generally pray a lot in various places (I’d spend 2 weeks with Met. Kallistos anywhere).

I am traveling with computer, but I’m not sure what that will mean until I arrive.

I am carrying many prayer requests with me and will certainly pray for all of my readers while I’m there. If things are a little slow around the website for the next two weeks, be patient, and pray for the unworthy priest Stephen, his most wonderful bride, Matushka Elizabeth, and the laymen, David, Anastasia and Andrew, and especially anyone who has to put up with me.

I will carry all of you in my heart.