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O, Happy Day

October 4, 2008

Today I return to my home parish, my home altar, and the people who are my home in the Orthodox Church. We are not a perfect lot, but it is the lot that I know and love, and who, largely, know and love me. Some of them have suffered long with me from early early days in a warehouse in Knoxville, TN, to our present, relatively good days, others have joined us only recently.

But like all Orthodox congregations, He has called us to love beyond ourselves and beyond the borders of what we thought possible. It is a congregation that has loved and nourished me.

A little over ten years ago I had no vision other than a conversion to Orthodoxy. I could not imagine a ministry or anything beyond survival. That my ministry has far exceeded mere survival is abundantly beyond all I could ask or think.

I ask your prayers as I enter into the ministry that is my day to day life and prayers for those who have to live with me as their priest. May God have mercy on them!