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Axios! Axios! Axios!

November 12, 2008


As a personal rule of thumb, I do not write on the inner news of the Church – or at least not often. I have been in attendance this week at the All American Council, the national assembly of the Orthodox Church in America. One of the central tasks before us was the election of a new Metropolitan (the Bishop who serves as the primate of our Orthodox Church in America).

Eleven days ago I was present in Dallas, TX, at the Cathedral for my diocese, witnessing the consecration of an Auxiliary Bishop for the South. I had come to know the newly ordained Bishop over the past several months (both before and after his consecration) and was deeply grateful for his election in the South.

Today, I was humbled to witness his election as Metropolitan of the OCA, in one of the most moving events I have been a part of in my short Orthodox life. He is a monastic, formerly the Abbot of the Monastery of St. John of San Francisco and Shaghai in California. He served his novitiate (formative years) as a monk at the Monastery of Valaam in northern Russia. I see his election as a very positive grace in our Orthodox life in America, and pray God’s blessing for him in this new work.

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