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A Note of Thanks and Some Statistics

November 15, 2008

kathryn-b_day037One of my personal joys at the recent All American Council in Pittsburgh was the opportunity to meet face-to-face a number of readers of this blog, including some who regularly post comments. Their warmth and encouragement for the writing that I do is about all it takes to keep me writing. That, and a whole lot of grace.

I continue to be deeply thankful for the readers, and the generally warm community that seems to gather or pass through the site. In the two years the site has been in existence there has been a great deal of traffic.

This evening, we crossed the mark of 1,000,000 views (if you pay attention to statistics). Other statistics of note (the dashboard of the blog tells me all these things):

There have been 822 posts (articles I have written), which, astonishing to me, is more than one a day.

There have been 11,108 comments – all of which I have read and to many of which I have responded. The “conversations” are a very important part of what takes place here.

One of my favorite statistics is 43,732 pieces of spam blocked by WordPress’s Akismet Spam Blocker. It learns as it goes, so the program seems to only get better. I think 80 per cent of the spam has either been related to gambling or insurance, go figure.

If it were possible to have a party on a blog-site, we would have one. As it is, you will all have to settle for my heartfelt thanks. I will drink a toast (if it’s compliant to the Advent Fast) in your honor! Glory to God!