Serbian Monk and a Wolf

I do not understand the narration – but no words are necessary in this video. The reality speaks for itself.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
About this same monk and wolf, Fr. Milovan Katanic writes:

In Kovilje Monastery, at the foot of the Javor mountains, there were once many monks, during the time of the Turks there was even a monastic school here. Today, in the recently renovated late 12th century monastery, there is only one monk who, as he says, learns from wolves…

read the rest here…

11 Responses to “Serbian Monk and a Wolf”

  1. Charra Says:

    This reminds of St. Seraphim of Sarov and his bear.

  2. Mary Says:

    Perhaps it is the gentleness of soul that is acquired through an ascetic life that the animals recognize and respond to. How beautiful.

  3. Ручьёв Says:

    Fr. Milovan posted an article about this a little while back: An abbots pact with wolves

  4. fatherstephen Says:


    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Fr. Milovan has a wonderful blog – very rich in tradition. I have posted a link within the article that should be very helpful to our readers.

  5. viaţa la ţară Says:

    God bless!

    Some friends from Serbia translated the movie…

    Our story begun, let’s say, about six month ago. It was around 15 dayes. i took it, in the beggining i startet to give it milk by bottle and after that chewed food. this is how our story started. this is how it grew trust and a relationship started. of course there are a lot of things above words. Thoughts hard to put in words in order to tell our story… of course it is afraid of people, runs, keeps about 10 meters distance, but when we are alone she is a real pet.

    (man in the woods)

    Bless me father!

    i have passed the Golia Iavor mountains… lot of things i have seen, but something like this i didn’t… this is the will of God, a wonder of nature.

    (the hawk)

    Come here!

  6. Călugărul şi lupul « Viaţa la ţară Says:

    […] via Father Stephen […]

  7. fatherstephen Says:

    Many thanks for the translation. Serbian translated by way of Romania… I love being Orthodox!

  8. viaţa la ţară Says:

    Yes, there are no frontiers 🙂 We are all one people 🙂

    The Romanian friend is married with a Serbian woman, so… that’s the explanation. And together they have a publishing house, “Predania” – and… two children 🙂

  9. Katerina Says:

    “..Τα σύμπαντα πλησθήσονται χριστότητος”(Ψαλμ. 103. 28)..
    Έρρωσθε f.Stephen, την ευχή σας!

  10. fatherstephen Says:



  11. Marla Stormwolf-Patty Says:

    I am hoping that this wolf has been returned to this monk. After news of the friendship between this man of God and the wolf, the Government stepped in and took this wolf, and confined her in a shelter (small concrete cell). I am searching to find if this wolf was freed and returned to the Monk that cares for her. If anyone has any information, please contact me. This is GREATLY distressing me that they took the wolf away and the Monk must be just heart broken..they both must be…There is a petition here:

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