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Let No Anger Arise

January 10, 2010

One of the brothers asked Isidore, the priest of Scetis, “Why are the demons so afraid of you”?

” He said, “Ever since I became a monk, I have been trying not to let anger rise as far as my mouth.”


In a culture which speaks and only later repents (if at all) such self-control is mighty indeed. There is much that is offered for the internet which time and hesitancy would have helped enormously. Words do have consequences. Though none of us here are likely to write something that turns the tide in favor of the faith (at least not by argument) nonetheless, we write. But for everything we write and everything that is read an event will happen. To write in a manner in which the truth is made winsome or, at the very least, kind, is a great accomplishment.

Imagine the writer who could say, “Ever since I began to write, I have been trying not to let anger rise as far as my fingers.” I suspect demons would fear him as well.

In the struggle which none of us can avoid – let us give our common enemy no comfort. Kindness, even to strangers, even to those who are wrong, will not violate any commandment of   God and will greatly frustrate those who do not wish any of us anything well.

May the blessings of God come to one and all this day!