Memory Eternal – The Hymn

The final hymn of the memorial service offered for the departed. “Grant rest eternal in blessed repose, O Lord, to the soul of Thy servant, N., and make his memory to be eternal.” These are words that echo in my mind as I pray for the soul of my newly-departed father – and all the departed.

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7 Responses to “Memory Eternal – The Hymn”

  1. Andrew Battenti Says:


  2. Gabriel Says:

    Memory Eternal.

  3. Harlemite Says:

    May his memory be eternal, Fr. Stephen.

  4. asinusspinasmasticans Says:

    May God grant eternal rest, light, and peace to your father and Vladika Dmitry.

  5. Dana Ames Says:

    Yes, may God grant them rest, light and peace.

    And yet more consolation to you in the loss of your other father.


  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Memory Eternal.

    I am lighting a candle for you in prayer, Fr. Stephen, for God’s mercy and comfort during this time.

  7. Davido Says:

    Thank you for this Fr. Stephen. I treasure your blog.

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