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Blog Debut Coming

August 2, 2012

Within the next few days, the revision of Glory to God for All Things will be appearing. There will be some details that will be worked out after it first goes on line – thus I ask for patience ahead of time. I also offer my deepest thanks to those who have made this possible. I have developed a new catalog system for articles – though I’ve yet to enter it with the material. That process might take as much as a week (there are about 1500 articles to re-catalog and accurately characterize).

In the fairly short-term, I am working on a series of articles on the Sacrament of the Heart, in which I’ll look at the Orthodox understanding of sacrament and its connection with the teaching on the place of the heart. If “all the world is a sacrament,” as the Patriarch of Constantinople has written, then we must learn to live and perceive sacramentally to proper inhabit God’s creation. That can only happen in the place of the heart.

I am vacationing with family for a few days – seeing my two grandsons! – and hope to return to active duty after the weekend. Glory to God for all things, indeed!